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Does what it says on the tin. If you've got a question, hopefully you'll find the answer here.

Should we have a second shooter?

You don't always need a second shooter but there are weddings that might call for one. Some key things to think about when deciding whether you want to hire a second shooter are; 

- Where will you and your partner be getting ready the morning of? - if you're in separate locations then a second shooter might be needed to get to one of you if you're more than walking distance away from each other. 

- Are you having a church ceremony? If so a second shooter might be needed to be sure we can catch all those angles.

- Are you planning on going of site for portraits? if so, it might be worth having a second shooter on hand to mingle with your guests while we're off being silly. 

If you're unsure about whether you need a second shooter or not I'd be more than happy to chat with you and help you decide! 

How long will our films take to edit?

There's no blanket answer for this one. It'll depend partly on where your wedding is in the season, earlier in the year I aim for a two - three month turn around while later into the summer it's a three to five month turn around. I always do my best to get some sneaky peaks out to you soon after the wedding though!

Film editing isn't like photo editing and generally is a much longer process. I strive to make every film individual to the couple meaning no film is the same but that does take a little bit more time. If you're getting worried about where your film is just give me a shot and I can give you an update.

How long will you be there on the day? 

I typically start two to three hours before the ceremony and stay on until around 45 minutes after the first dance. 
If you'd like me there for longer to catch any light night shenanigans there's a cost of £100 an hour after 9pm



How do we book?

I'd be dead chuffed to be with you on your big day! The best way to get in touch is via my website. you can fill out this form and I'll get back to you asap. From there I'll send my packages over to you and we can organise a Zoom to say hi and answer any questions you have. Then, if you'd like to book, I'll send out an invoice for £200 booking fee and a link to my service agreement. Once those are sorted you're all booked in! 

Do you do photography as well?

I don't! But you can book with me and the wonderful When Charlie Met Hannah for a cheeky little discount.

Will you travel?

Yes! I'm based in Cardiff but am happy to travel. If you're tying the knot over two hours from Cardiff we'll discuss accommodation costs before you book. I want to be fresh and ready to go the morning of! 


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