I started Break Every Chain Productions when I was in university. I wanted to build a business that reflected my passion for people and for social justice. It was important to me to use my skills as a filmmaker to elevate good causes and good people. That drive and commitment remains. 


It has been a long and winding journey from the original conception in a lecture hall in South Wales. In some ways, we're not where we thought we would be; certainly, there is always scope for improvements. However, we are working hard to take important steps and to find the balance between running a business that supports us and one that supports our community.


We know, from experience, that we won't always get things right. However, we pledge to use our voices to call out injustice and our skills to lift up those who are fighting it. We intend to do this through education, re-learning our history as a country, and examining and un-learning our ingrained biases. We want to recognise our privilege and use it responsibly - it should be a tool to start conversations within all aspects of our lives. And we want our films to reflect our values.


We stand with Black Lives Matter. We stand with the LGBT*Q+ community. We stand with refugees and asylum seekers. We strive to stand with all marginalised groups.

Helen and the BECP team 


*We at BECP understand that Trans is an umbrella term that is used to describe many gender identities within a wide, wonderful spectrum. We would like to assure you that wherever you are on that spectrum, you are welcome here. We are fully supportive of all identities and respect the use of all pronouns. Our contact forms are equipped with a preferred pronoun category so that we can be sure to always get it right. You are safe here.

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