The ultimate hype team

At the heart of it, we're people people.

We're not about standing in the corner at your wedding, or hiding in the bushes (but we will get into a bush if it means we get the perfect shot). 
We want to be in on the action, camera in hand, joking with guests and catching all the little details. You just can't do that from the corner. 

We're helpers too; we strive to do everything we can to ensure your day runs smoothly and to help you feel comfortable. Whether that's straightening your tie, grabbing your bouquet or rounding up guests, we've got your back. We know how tough it can be to get in front of the camera  - we're pants at it - so when it comes to it, we promise to make the experience as fun and relaxed as we can. No pressure, just a lot of laughs and a whole lot of love. 

We're all about YOU. We're not here to film a wedding, we're here to film YOUR wedding. Your day, your details, your favourite people and most importantly, your love; you pair of cuties! 




I'm Helen! The tea drinking, camera-toting, head honcho here at Break Every Chain. 

I've been making films since I left university in 2014 (six flippin' years ago!!) and have been making fun, creative wedding films for three of those years. Alongside my trusty second, Brian, I've worked with lots of loved up couples, shot at beautiful venues and had an absolute blast along the way.

I take a documentary style approach to filmmaking, preferring to catch moments as they happen - you'll usually find me nipping from group to group, stopping for a quick snack in between. 

This tactic brings an authenticity to our films and really helps to tell people's stories - which is super important to me.


My absolute favourite thing is hyping people up and encouraging kindness. I love cheering people on, seeing people grow and just generally spreading positive vibes.   My ultimate aim is to do that for you through film. Whether you're getting hitched, running a kickass business or grafting for a good cause, I want to be there, camera in hand, to help you shout about it. 

I'm also a keen advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Alongside running the show here I have a part time job with and LGBTQ+ church in Cardiff. Part of my job there is to encourage other churches in South Wales to have open, honest conversations about inclusivity and how they can actively work towards creating safe spaces for the queer community. Head to our ETHOS page to read a bit more about BECP's core values.


Hello loves!

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