The ultimate
hype team

The ultimate
hype team


At the heart of it, we're people people.
Whether you're putting a ring on it or want a creative film to show off your

charity or business we're here to lend a helping hand.




I’m Brian (also known as Boz or Bozzy), I’m Helen’s super second camera operator

during weddings and events.


A late bloomer to the world of video I spent a big chunk of my life doing ‘proper jobs’ in the Steel Industry as a Forge Worker and Furnace Man. I’ve always been a big nerd about film though and went back to University in my late 30’s to study for my degree in Film & Creative Industries.

Since graduating I have worked on four feature films, two music videos and numerous corporate films. I loved working in the industry, I learnt so much and met so many incredible people but the long hours and travel through the week were not conducive to life as a husband and father - I’m a family man at heart.

And so I decided to sweep into weddings alongside Helen - haven't looked back since! Working with Helen is an absolute joy, there’s never a dull moment, wether we are covering weddings or charity events.

Alongside making films I have a passion for restoring old photos and vintage items with varying degrees of success!


I know that having a camera close by can be a little daunting, so I’m all about helping you and your guests relax with a little bit of banter and a whole lot of hiding behind trees - filming real moments from a little way off. I’ve found both techniques ensure I'm catching the all the best bits of your big day! 

Alright, butt?



I'm Helen! The tea drinking, camera-toting, head honcho here at Break Every Chain. 

I've been making films since I left university in 2014 (eight flippin' years ago!!) and have been making fun, creative wedding films for five of those years. Alongside my trusty second, Brian, I've worked with lots of loved up couples, shot at beautiful venues, filmed with epic businesses and charities and had an absolute blast along the way.

I take a documentary style approach to filmmaking, preferring to catch moments as they happen - at weddings you'll usually find me nipping from group to group, stopping for a quick snack in between. 

This tactic brings an authenticity to our films and really helps to tell people's stories -

which is super important to me.


My absolute favourite thing is hyping people up and encouraging kindness. I love cheering people on, seeing people grow and just generally spreading positive vibes. My ultimate aim is to do that for you through film. Whether you're getting hitched, running a kick-ass business or grafting for a good cause, I want to be there, camera in hand, to help you shout about it. 

I'm also a keen advocate for the LGBTQI+ community. Alongside running the show here I have a part time job with and LGBTQI+ church in Cardiff. Part of my job there is to encourage other churches in South Wales to have open, honest conversations about inclusivity and how they can actively work towards creating safe spaces for the queer community. Head to our ETHOS page to read a bit more about BECP's core values.


Hello loves!